Tailor-made training sessions

We provide the convenience of customized on-site training courses designed exclusively for our customers to meet their training needs and requirements.

Tailor-made training sessions roadmap

Determining specific needs

Seureca Industrial Water Services determines the specific needs of a company together with their client. If needed, we can perform a TNA (Training Need Analysis), evaluating the existing skills of the employees and verifying where additional competences are required.

Designing the training

Once the needs and wants of a client have been determined, we design training sessions to fill the gaps in knowledge or skill. Modules are adapted in function of the target audience (operators, lab technicians, process technologists, decision makers, ...) and of the process or certain techniques.

Optimising the training schedule

At Seureca Industrial Water Services, we know not everyone has a flexible schedule. Most of our general trainings take place in our Training Classroom in Melle or online, but tailor-made trainings can also be taught on-site. We offer on-the-job training, taking into account the working hours of the operators and different shifts.

Accommodating the linguistic needs

The customisation of our training sessions does not only consist of the content and the schedule. To accommodate the linguistic needs of as many employees as possible, we offer trainings in Dutch, French and English.

Collecting feedback

The opinion and feedback of our clients is invaluable to us. After the training sessions, we ask the participants for an evaluation, so we can keep improving our courses, and our business.

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