M7: Daily Follow-up of Water Treatment Plants: Tips & Tricks

Practical Tips & Tricks to optimise the daily follow-up of your water treatment plant

Maximising Water Treatment Plant Efficiency with Proven 'Tips & Tricks'

Unlock the power of biological wastewater treatment, a globally renowned technology for water purification. As the operational conditions play a pivotal role in leveraging microorganisms for wastewater purification, this training provides operators, process managers, and lab managers with a deep understanding of the treatment process.

This year, we have included a practical laboratory component in our training. We ask participants to bring their own wastewater samples and cases for group analysis and exploration during a practice session in our in-house lab

Delve into the most common physicochemical and biological purification systems, including pre-purification techniques, anaerobic, and aerobic processes, while gaining insights into process management, operational intricacies, troubleshooting, and proven solutions. Elevate your water treatment plant's daily performance with our M7 course, and even more by bringing your own samples and cases for group analysis and exploration.

Training Sequence

  • Wastewater treatment processes from A to Z
  • How to manage troubleshooting on a daily basis? 
  • Return on experience (REX) 
  • Laboratory practice
  • Evaluation and discussion of different cases
  • Q&A

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Training sessions location

All standard training sessions take place at:
Seureca Industrial Water Services: Training Room & Laboratory
Brusselsesteenweg 346 B1
9090 Melle - Belgium

Terms & Conditions

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Target Group for Wastewater Treatment Training

▶ Operators, process managers and laboratory staff involved in the monitoring of biological wastewater treatment systems

▶ Environmental managers who need a good overview of the technical possibilities and bottlenecks of biological wastewater treatment systems

Prior knowledge for Wastewater Treatment Training

Basic knowledge of wastewater treatment required.  Our training modules Aerobic (waste)water treatment and Nutrient importance are an excellent preparation for this course.

Duration of Wastewater Treatment Training

1.5-day session 
Day 1: 9h00 - 12h30 & 13h30 - 17h00
Day 2: 9h00 - 12h30 

Price for Wastewater Treatment Training

€ 1236 (excl. 21% VAT)
Training recognized by Alimento.

More information about Wastewater Treatment Training

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