Wastewater Treatment Laboratory

Keeping your wastewater treatment plant running smoothly and meeting discharge standards? From a microscopy on sludge to ecotoxicity tests, from (standard) analyses to a pilot test. Your conceptual studies are validated by our laboratory in the region of Ghent. This way, we can guarantee reliable, sustainable solutions.
(Ecotoxicity) Tests, Analyses & Pilot Studies

Our lab for wastewater treatment: 
more than just a lab for analyses

To meet discharge standards or to keep your treatment plants functioning optimally, you need reliable data. With the results of the right test or analysis, you can easily fine-tune your water treatment.

We offer fast and accurate results, support you in interpreting the data and guide you to a suitable follow-up of your WWTP.

This allows you to consciously choose solutions that are good for your company technically and economically and environmentally friendly.


Tests and analyses on (waste)water

Ecotoxicity tests

Want to know what impact your wastewater has on the environment? For ecotox tests, our lab is BELAC accredited to ISO 17025 standard in Flanders and recognised in Wallonia.

BELAC accreditation certificate 657-TEST-8N


  • Light microscopy
  • Live/dead analysis
  • Filament identification
  • Anaerobic sludge microscopy
  • East-Indian ink: slime identification
  • NitriVit colouring

Lab and en pilot research

If you want to be sure that a solution or installation has the desired effect, you can run a pilot study at lab scale with us. This way, we can make adjustments and make sure the installations work optimally before you implement them on a large scale.

Standard analyses

  • pH
  • Conductivity
  • BOD, COD
  • Nitrogen parameters
  • Phosphorus parameters
  • Dry matter, TSS, VSS
  • ...

Biological tests

  • Zahn-Wellens tests
  • BMP tests
  • Anaerobic tests
  • Activity tests
  • Toxicity tests
  • Sludge dewatering tests (CST)
  • ...

Physicochemical tests

  • Jar tests
  • Flotation tests
  • Active carbon tests
  • UF/RO tests
  • Ozone tests
  • Sedimentation tests
  • ...

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